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milestones in spousal consumerism - boo [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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milestones in spousal consumerism [May. 29th, 2006|10:27 pm]
joey and i bought our first house on april 14, 2006.

we bought our first car on may 27, 2006.

we haven't had to make a payment yet on the house, and since we put our downpayment for the element on my credit card, we haven't paid anything for it yet, and our first payment isn't due until july (although, of course, we will pay off the credit card in full before then, so that does count for something). the car-buying experience really surprised me--during negotiations over financing, they never really wanted to talk about interest rates or total cost (no matter how many times we asked!), just about monthly payments, and if one monthly payment was too high, we were more than welcome to pay a little bit less per month for many more months. unlike with the house-buying experience, there was no review to see whether or not we were really capable of handling one monthly payment or another--it was our responsibility to know our budget's limitations. it's easy to see how people can get into trouble with credit.

on a lighter note, we'll be having a housewarming party on saturday, june 3rd, from 4pm-until. if you are going to be within a hundred mile radius of pensacola, we'll be expecting you!

also, plans are in the works for a drive up to north carolina (gastonia) the weekend of june 10th for my cousin's wedding. we hope to swing through sylva to pick up some things from storage--if you live around our driving path and have any desire to see either our new car or our slightly-less-new daughter, drop me a line!

[User Picture]From: hotalinge
2006-05-31 11:48 am (UTC)
of course you know that i would would love to see all of you (and the car). i could probably arrange to be in sylva when you are (i was thinking of going home that weekend anyway), or you could stop here if you're willing to go the slightly roundabout way. let me know your plans!

i am also contemplating a trip to pensacola someday so i can see your house. i don't know when, exactly, but i may have some frequent flyer miles since i went to france for work a couple of weeks ago...
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[User Picture]From: boo8026
2006-06-01 06:30 am (UTC)
i figure we'll be driving through your area on friday, but we'll be doing ten hours of driving that day and we'll still have an hour and a half to go before we would be in gastonia--we could stop there and have dinner with you before zipping on through. we'll probably leave gastonia for sylva on saturday afternoon and stay there that night while we pack up things from my mom's storage room to bring back here. actually, if you would be in sylva, we could probably use your help--but don't let that stop you from coming! we might have to do all of our driving back on sunday if joey doesn't get off from work on monday--we'll see.

you went to france! that's pretty cool. we'd love to have you here anytime!
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[User Picture]From: hotalinge
2006-06-01 11:41 am (UTC)
well, i don't have any huge plans for that weekend, and it's not like you're around often, so just let me know what you're thinking and we can work something out. you're more than welcome to stay here friday night if it would help break up the drive (or any other night, for that matter).

yes, france was very cool. i had really good food and i learned a lot. maybe i'll post all the details one of these days.
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