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(no subject) [Feb. 16th, 2007|12:40 pm]
okay, so some of you perhaps didn't even know i was pregnant, and now, well, i'm not! if you're curious to see what i've been up to since monday night, go to www.joezoo.com. bye for now!
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i should make some new user pics--or i could just wait 'til after the next baby [Dec. 15th, 2006|01:30 am]
while jabbering herself to sleep tonight, tori started spelling:
i was fairly impressed. she's so grown up!

congratulations to my dear elizabeth--don't get married in jamaica now! ("a double wedding!")
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(no subject) [Aug. 19th, 2006|04:24 am]
alright, i admit it--i'm in tokyo.

joey and i will be here until monday (which, for most readers of this will be sunday), and then we'll be in beijing. would anyone who has not already requested one like to receive a postcard??

we're resting our feet from tokyo disneysea and watching crazy japanese television--joey was channel-surfing and i thought he had stumbled across a sara brightman concert, but it's a japanese singer singing one of her songs and it's actually much less crazy than a sara brightman concert would be.

still haven't seen mt. fuji....
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milestones in spousal consumerism [May. 29th, 2006|10:27 pm]
joey and i bought our first house on april 14, 2006.

we bought our first car on may 27, 2006.

we haven't had to make a payment yet on the house, and since we put our downpayment for the element on my credit card, we haven't paid anything for it yet, and our first payment isn't due until july (although, of course, we will pay off the credit card in full before then, so that does count for something). the car-buying experience really surprised me--during negotiations over financing, they never really wanted to talk about interest rates or total cost (no matter how many times we asked!), just about monthly payments, and if one monthly payment was too high, we were more than welcome to pay a little bit less per month for many more months. unlike with the house-buying experience, there was no review to see whether or not we were really capable of handling one monthly payment or another--it was our responsibility to know our budget's limitations. it's easy to see how people can get into trouble with credit.

on a lighter note, we'll be having a housewarming party on saturday, june 3rd, from 4pm-until. if you are going to be within a hundred mile radius of pensacola, we'll be expecting you!

also, plans are in the works for a drive up to north carolina (gastonia) the weekend of june 10th for my cousin's wedding. we hope to swing through sylva to pick up some things from storage--if you live around our driving path and have any desire to see either our new car or our slightly-less-new daughter, drop me a line!
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happy valentine's eve! [Feb. 13th, 2006|10:20 pm]
let's see, what have i done today...
i felted my first hat! it's made out of alpaca and it's for my mom. it's awesome! and furry! i've also got a few other projects in the works, one being to make more fine crocheted things, perhaps snowflakes or doilies, and another to complete a baby blanket. i'm crocheting it around and around with lacey-looking stitches worked in... if i actually finish it (aka, complete something at least sixteen inches across--right now it's about four, and ideally, it'll be at least three feet across), i'll post some pics.
joey and i went to the bank to give them some more recent pay stubs and w2s and such, since the last time we were there to get certified for our mortgage was about, oh, maybe a year ago. when the house was three weeks away from being finished... just like it is now. still, i've allowed myself to get more excited about the house, and its location: we are in a prime downtown area that is seeing a lot of new development, and we can walk right around the corner (literally!) to a bar featured on UZTV! love it like you should.
now tori is here, back from eating some broccoli with yaya, and perhaps is going to start typing. her favorite keys are the caps lock, the shift, the function and control keys, and the space bar if a dvd is playing and she can make it play and pause over and over again. and she's such a good walker! she's gone from walking three steps between welcoming arms to walking the length of the house unassisted in about a week! she seems a little tired, though--she's stumbling a bit. perhaps it's time for bath and bed.
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"dwell in possibility" [Nov. 29th, 2005|09:20 pm]
[music |magnetic fields radio turns chick rock?]

mmm, mulled mead. the reason for the season! you know who probably drinks mulled mead? rosemary. (wink wink)

i should really be working on one of the TWO LOOMING TERM PROJECTS i have to do while my mom is watching tori tonight, since i'd like to sleep sometime later this week and next, but claire got me started listening to pandora (i'm trampin' by patti smith) and joey decided it might be yummy to finish off this bottle, so now i'm just chilling (cozily). i'll do my homework. just gimme a minute. (it doesn't help that i finished the thing that's due thursday yesterday--i feel like i don't need to do anything until after that due date passes, which doesn't make any sense at all!)

i saw the new pride and prejudice. lizzy, if you haven't seen it yet, take this bit of advice--don't waste too much time comparing it to the mini-series. it's different. but it's pretty good, and it'll fly by, and before you know it, you'll have missed most of a good movie because you were thinking too much about a totally different good movie. as it is, i'm going to have to see it again.

tori said "bye-bye" three different times today, to joey, me, and granma. progress! she also knows a whole bunch of songs--one of the many toy pianos she has plays demo songs and she sings along with at least a third of them (7 or 8) as well as with various baby einstein tunes (mozart, beethoven, etc). her two most recognizable are still twinkle twinkle (abc's) and blue danube. she stands up all the time, sometimes pushing up just from the floor, but still no unassisted steps. soon! and soon she'll have more than four teeth!!! very soon!!!

joey's working too hard. he takes all these freelance jobs--and they all seem to be interesting/good jobs--and they just take up a lot of what might otherwise have been free time. free time is nice. free time is what i'm enjoying right now! with my mead! i'm looking forward to christmas break, though--mac will be back in town again, and maggie will be around, and i'll have less school stuff to worry about, and maybe we can even convince kirk to finally make good on his promises to visit! and we'll go and see king kong and the chronicles of narnia and maybe it'll snow. (ha!) by snow, i mean, maybe we'll have a hurricane like in the day after tomorrow (hurricane zeta??) and we'll have to outrun the freeze!!! or, maybe not. maybe it'll be so warm, we can take tori to the beach--sand is a good surface to learn to walk on.
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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2005|12:28 am]
happy belated (by 28 minutes) birthday, claire! perhaps i'll send you that winter scarf i made for you ages ago before the next winter comes...

in pensacola news, joey and i are singing stabat mater with the choral society and it is KICKING MY BUTT. usually we just leave our music in the car between rehearsals, but i had to bring it in because i'll be needing to work this one out at the piano. he's downloading/buying a version for us to listen to as i type (and it sounds lovely, but i hope it doesn't wake tori)! i'm also wondering about the pronunciation we're using--we're singing latin like it's italian (which, i know, i know, is true: italian=latin...ia...)--it just doesn't seem right to me.

our house is perhaps moving along. they have almost finished putting up the vinyl siding--meredith told me today that it was back-ordered and that was why it was taking so long, but joey and i know the truth: they only just figured out that they would need a ladder for that second floor. the drywall hangers will supposedly be coming tomorrow, and we're hoping it's all downhill from there!

elizabeth will be coming to town for my birthday--hurrah! but what she doesn't know is, if we have to evacuate when rita takes a crazy ivan to the starboard, we're going to her house!

sugar thinks that joey and i should not spend money on traveling to friends' weddings. i think she's wrong, but she may have a point. she also wanted to know what i wanted for my birthday--perhaps i should tell her that i want a trip to colorado! except that what i really want is a trip to japan, or new zealand, or maybe merry old england. i don't think i'm going to get any of those. perhaps i'll just ask for a trip to portland, which is where sugar will probably be moving permanently now that new orleans is possibly under hurricane attack again.

tori is now eleven months old!!! she doesn't talk yet, but she sings, which is even better!
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an update [Sep. 4th, 2005|11:42 pm]
for those of you who don't know about joezoo, you'd better check it out RIGHT NOW!
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from pittsburgh... [Jul. 15th, 2005|09:50 pm]
here we are in pittsburgh! thank you, greg, for the apartment--i promise we'll leave it like we left it. ;-)

i'm done with classes for the week, and while i still have a few assignments before grades are due, i feel like the semester's almost over! i'm well on my way to graduating someday! and i really like pittsburgh, even if i can't find my way around these crazy up and down streets.

my mom, tori and i went to falling water today, which was really awesome. tori, however, has been pretty fussy today--she is definitely cutting her second tooth (I expect it to break gum tomorrow) and practically learning to crawl as i type! in fact, she's made her way to the diaper bag and is chewing on it... i should go.

i will update again, someday.
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a retraction [Jun. 27th, 2005|10:30 pm]
alas, i spoke too soon in my last post. my mom and i will not be driving to pittsburgh--the only supporter we had for the driving plan was joey, and all other family members spoke out against it. so we hunted and found a good deal on airfare, so now we will be flying in to pittsburgh very late thursday night (the 7th) and leaving very early tuesday morning (the 19th). we are still looking forward to the trip!!! but i'm sorry--in general and particularly to lizzy--that we won't be driving through the mountains.
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